Robert Scott Bell interviews Dr. Jean

When I was in California in March, I was interviewed by Robert Scott Bell, who has a radio show on Natural News Radio (from the NaturalNews Network). We covered a whole lot of ground in an hour!

Program Description:

Doctor of veterinary medicine Jean Hofve joins me for a candid conversation about pet ailments, pet diets and the irresponsibility of allopathic vets. What do pets need to be healthy? What about Omega 3 fats for animals? What about vaccination-induced diseases? We’ll cover conjunctivitis and urinary tract issues in cats. How about feline herpes virus activation from a wrong diet? Dr. Hofve is a true champion for holistic veterinary practice. You’re gonna love her!

Click here to listen, or copy and paste the following address:

(The interview with Dr. Jean starts is in the second hour, which starts at about  1:00:17.)




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