The other side of the “crazy cat” story

If you’ve been anywhere but under a rock the last few days, you’ll know that (1) an airplane is missing, and (2) a “violent” cat trapped a family in a bedroom until 911 responders got it subdued. While we don’t have an opinion on the airplane, we definitely do want to make a few comments about Lux, the cat.

1. Lux weighs 22 pounds. That is extreme obesity, and it puts tremendous pressure on his internal organs and his joints. This cat is at least uncomfortable, and probably painful, most of the time. Pain can definitely make animals aggressive. 

No doubt these folks, like many people, just leave dry cat food out 24 hours a day (cats don’t get that fat from any other diet).  See:

2. The baby pulled the cat’s tail. And got whacked for it. Now he knows not to do that. Nature trains its young in a simple and effective manner.

3. The dad kicked the cat “in the butt.” We don’t know how hard he kicked him. Given the cat’s reaction, that kick may have connected with some very tender anatomy. Most guys don’t react very well to that, either. 

But the main point is that meeting violence with violence only begets more violence, and Lux demonstrated this principle perfectly. What should dad have done? Pick the kid up and get him out of the way. Instead, he “punished” the cat for simply being a cat. (For more on why punishment doesn’t work, see: Squirt Bottles, Punishment, and Cat Behavior.)

4. The people mentioned that Lux has “a history of violence.” Well, guess what: cat behavior problems are always the result of human behavior. That they allowed things to get to this ridiculous point only shows that these people have some very serious problems in the way they handle the cat. They have said they intend to get help. Let’s hope they do!

5. A minor point, but one that bugs me anyway: Lux is not a Himalayan. Himmies are the result of interbreeding Siamese and Persian cats. They have colored points (like Siamese), smushed faces, and much longer fur than Lux, who is just a big fluffy black-and-white cat. 

Here’s Jackson Galaxy’s take on the story, and as usual he gets it absolutely right!




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