2012 Pet Food and Supplement Recalls

This list is being kept as up-to-date as possible. The most recent recalls are at the top. Check FDA’s or manufacturers’ websites for detailed  information on affected products, lot numbers, and best-by dates.

December 6, 2012

1. FDA has issued a warning not to feed Nature’s Deli Chicken Jerky Dog Treats (sold at Costco) due to Salmonella contamination. This is the fourth warning on products made by this company, Kasel Associates Industries, since September. The company has refused to issue a recall. These products are not associated with the Chinese chicken jerky problem (which is not related to Salmonella).

2. Claudia’s Cuisine (sold at Petsmart) has issued a voluntary product withdrawal on Dog Candy Fruit Hound Cake (7.5oz) and Dog Candy Blueberry Hound Cake (7.5oz) due to the potential to contain mold.

November 21, 2012

Priority Total Pet Care All Natural Bullstrips in a 5-count package due to Salmonella.

November 15, 2012

Magnolia Bird Farm, Incorporated, of Anaheim, California, is recalling Raw and Roasted In-shell Peanuts and Magnolia Bird Farm Bird seed mixes that contain peanuts, because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

November 2, 2012

Charlee Bear Protein Crunch Bars  due to Salmonella. Several lots and flavors are being recalled.

October 31, 2012

Wellness Small Breed Adult Health Dry Dog Food, limited recall of 12# bags with a “Best By” date of 8/18/13 due to high moisture content which could cause the food to mold. (Wellness website is still down due to Hurricane Sandy; many thanks to Susan at TruthAboutPetFood.com for the alert.)

October 29, 2012

Multiple ZuPreem bird foods for medium/large birds and for large birds (Premium Nutritional Products, Inc.)  due to exceedingly high calcium levels, low phosphorus, and high vitamin D concentration, which is a significant health risk to birds. Recall initiated September 27, FDA did not issue notice until October 28.

October 23, 2012

Sleek & Sassy brand nutritional diets for exotic birds and small pet animals, due to Salmonella contamination of peanuts in some of their products.

October 17, 2012

Boots & Barkley American Pig Ears ears and American Variety Pack,

October 14, 2012

Nature’s Deli Chicken Jerky Dog Treats, made by Kasel Industries, due to Salmonella contamination.

October 13, 2012

Del Monte brand Nature’s Recipe is recalling a limited supply of Nature’s Recipe® Oven Baked Biscuits with Real Chicken, manufactured in one of its U.S. production facilities, due to Salmonella.

October 10, 2012

Yoghund brand Organic Banana & Peanut Butter flavor, frozen yogurt dog treats, as part of the ongoing recall of peanut products due to Salmonella.

September 28, 2012:

Sunland Dogsbutter (part of a large recall of almond, peanut, cashew, and tahini products made by Sunland for human consumption) http://www.fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm320818.htm?source=govdelivery

September 22, 2012:

Boots & Barkley bully sticks, due to Salmonella.

September 12, 2012:

AvoDerm Natural Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Adult Dog Formula due to Salmonella concerns.

July 28, 2012
Lafeber’s Bird Food. Lafeber’s is recalling several batches of Nutri-berries due to concern that they may contain mold or bacteria.

July 27, 2012

Catswell Chicken Treats – All Dogswell products for cats that contain chicken are being recalled due to propylene glycol, which causes damage to feline red blood cells and can lead to anemia. Propylene glycol is a close relative of antifreeze, and is banned in cat foods and treats.
Land-O-Lakes/Purina Horse Feeds, Small Animal, and Fish Feeds. This recall has been expanded many times, and now includes small mammal products, and several starters and feeds, including Fish Chow, AquaMax feed products, Dumore chicken feed, Purina Honor Show Chow, Mazuri and LabDiet products. http://www.fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm312982.htm?source=govdelivery
July 1, 2012:

Pedigree weight management canned dog food (due to plastic chunks in the food that could cause choking).

June 13, 2012:

Nature’s Variety recalls Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs over odor

 May 18, 2012:

Diamond Naturals Small Breed Adult Dog Lamb & Rice Formula dry dog food from a different plant! Diamond Pet Foods is expanding a voluntary recall to include its Diamond Naturals Small Breed Adult18 Dog Lamb & Rice Formula dry dog food manufactured on Aug. 26, 2011 (at its Meta, Missouri plant) due to potential exposure to Salmonella. No illnesses have been reported. The product was distributed in the following states: Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin. Further distribution through other pet food channels may have occurred. *As of May 18, 2013, all links to recall information have been removed from Diamond’s site.

May 11, 2012:

Purina Veterinary Diets OM (Overweight Management) Feline canned food (Recalled due to low thiamine levels; unrelated to Salmonella recalls. NOTE: Purina has apparently removed all information pertaining to this recall from its website, even though the food has an expiration date of June 2013.)

May 9, 2012:

May 8, 2012:

Apex (recalled May 4, but not added to Diamond’s list until May 8)

Solid Gold

May 7, 2012:

  • Canidae (the company has removed the information from its website 10/26/12)
  • Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul
  • Country Value
  • Diamond
  • Diamond Naturals
  • Kirkland (including dry cat food and multiple dry dog foods)
  • Natural Balance
  • Premium Edge
  • Professional
  • 4Health
  • Taste of the Wild
  • Wellness



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