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Aggression in Cats Behavior 27-Mar-12
Allergic to Cats? Health 5-Apr-09
Antioxidants Nutrition 22-Jan-11
Animals with Special Needs Health 7-Sep-06
Aromatherapy and Pets Health 14-Sep-09
Arthritis in Cats Health 30-Mar-09
ASPCA’s tips for a safe 4th of July for your pets Health 1-Jul-11
Base Camp — How to Prepare for your New Cat Behavior 1-May-04
Before You Get a Kitten… Behavior 14-Sep-03
BioSuperfood Case Reports Health 2-Apr-09
BioSuperfood for Super Health Health 2-Apr-09
BioSuperfood: Choosing the Right Product Health 17-Nov-10
Cancer Prevention and Treatment Health 18-Aug-11
Carrageenan: A Controversial Pet Food Additive Nutrition 30-Jan-14
Cat-to-Cat Introductions Behavior 4-Sep-06
Cat-to-Dog Introductions Behavior 6-Apr-09
Catnip Behavior 5-Apr-09
Cats and Claws — Living Happily Ever After Behavior 5-Apr-09
Cats and Immune-compromised People Health 7-May-04
Cats, Sickness, Stress, and the Environment Health 11-Jan-13
Conjunctivitis in Cats (Herpesvirus) Health 26-Jul-09
Constipated Cats Health 27-Oct-09
Copyright Notice Important Info 17-Nov-10
Declawing – Annotated Reference List Declawing 2-Mar-11
Declawing Alternatives Declawing 12-Feb-11
Declawing Cats Required to Rent? Declawing 9-Jan-10
Declawing and Science Declawing 25-Dec-09
Declawing: A Rational Look Declawing 12-Feb-10
Declawing: Another Veterinarian’s Perspective Declawing 8-Jan-10
Declawing Handout for Shelters Declawing 2-Mar-11
Decorating the Air? Health 16-Apr-09
Dental Care for Cats Health 7-Mar-05
Disclaimers Important Info 17-Nov-10
Do-It -Yourself Bach Flower Essences Behavior 20-Feb-09
Does Dry Food Clean the Teeth? Nutrition 4-Sep-04
Don’t Vaccinate Your Adult Cat for Distemper Health 24-Jun-11
Double The Fun, Double The Territory! Behavior 24-Feb-06
EFT in Practice: EFT Helps Aggressive Stray find Love… Behavior 4-Aug-07
EFT in Practice: Help for separation anxiety in a cat Behavior 6-Jul-11
EFT in Practice: Relief for a cat with a urinary blockage Health 20-Jun-11
EFT in Practice: Surrogate EFT Helps Two Cats at a Distance Behavior 25-May-07
EFT in Practice: Surrogate EFT for two cats and a puppy Behavior 29-Dec-08
EFT (Tapping) for Animals Behavior 11-Apr-03
Easy Homemade Diets for Cats and Dogs Nutrition 19-May-07
Feline Acne Health 8-Apr-09
Feline Conjunctivitis Health 25-May-05
Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) Health 27-Sep-06
Feline Obesity Nutrition 15-Jan-09
Finding a Lost Pet Health 20-Dec-07
Fish Oil and Hyperthyroidism — Is There a Link? Health 14-Jun-09
Flower Essences for Animals Behavior 4-Mar-08
Fluoride in Pet Food — A New Danger? Health 20-Jul-09
Food Allergies in Cats Health 12-Mar-08
Geriatric Cats Health 4-Jun-09
Giardia Natural Treatment Protocol Health 18-Dec-07
Guidelines for safe handling of cats Behavior 16-Jun-11
Hairballs Health 10-Feb-06
Healthy Weight Management for Dogs and Cats Health 10-Oct-11
Heartworm in Cats Health 11-Jun-06
Holiday Safety for Pets Health 31-Oct-11
Homemade vs. Commercial Food for Cats (and Dogs!) Nutrition 1-Mar-06
How to Care for Your New Kitten Health 25-Mar-03
How to Keep Your Cat Pest-Free Health 12-Jun-06
Humane Pet Food? Nutrition 21-Aug-10
Hyperthyroidism Health 4-Nov-08
Immune System Health and Anti-Aging Health 10-Sept-11
Indoor Enrichment for Cats Behavior 2-Aug-11
Indoors or Outdoors? Health 12-Jun-09
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Health 2-Apr-09
Introducing Dogs and Cats Behavior 16-Jan-06
Introduction to Homeopathy Health 23-May-03
Itch Relief Update Health 7-Jul-11
Keeping Pets Safe this Spring Health 3-Apr-12
Kibble-Cancer Link Explained Nutrition 10-Aug-10
Kidney Disease in Cats Health 12-Jul-09
Laser Toys Behavior 30-Jan-05
Let’s Talk About Talk! Behavior 12-Apr-06
Lifestages, Lifestyles, and Cat Food Nutrition 23-May-11
Litterbox Secrets Behavior 10-Feb-06
Litter Roundup and Review
Living with FIV Health 6-Feb-06
Mad Cow Disease and Your Pets Health 27-Apr-05
Microchips and Cancer Health 20-Dec-07
Milk Thistle – A Wonder Herb? Health 11-Jan-70
Moxxor Omega 3s Nutrition 20-Mar-12
Moving with Your Cat Behavior 12-Aug-03
No Milk Today Nutrition 5-Jun-12
Omega-3′s Are Essential for Your Cat Health 23-Mar-09
Omega-3 Update: more info, more choices Nutrition 10-May-2011
Outdoor Safety for Cats Behavior 12-Jun-09
Overweight Pets Health 4-Mar-12
Overstimulation (Petting-Related) Aggression Behavior 3-Feb-03
Pet Cancer — a “Smoking” Gun? Health 25-Aug-09
Pet Food Marketing Hype Nutrition 5-Apr-07
Pet Food Regulation Nutrition 1-Apr-07
Pet Food, People, and the FDA Nutrition 25-Feb-10
Physical Consequences of Declawing Declawing 2-Mar-11
Play Aggression Behavior 7-May-04
Play is Important for — Survival?? Behavior 2-Jun-12
Play Therapy Behavior 24-Feb-08
Please Don’t Give Pets as Gifts Health 18-Dec-07
Poisonous and Dangerous Plants Health 14-Sep-03
Preventing Vaccine Adverse Effects – 1 page summary Health 21-Sep-09
Preventing Vaccine Adverse Effects Health 18-Sep-09
Privacy Policy Important Info 18-Nov-10
Probiotics: A Dietary Powerhouse for Your Cat Nutrition 4-Apr-09
Rabies – What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You Health 28-Oct-09
Redirected Aggression: A Case Study Behavior 30-Jan-05
Selecting a Good Commercial Pet Food Nutrition 1-Apr-07
Seizures and Epilepsy Health 18-Nov-10
Skin & Coat Problems in Cats Health 17-Nov-10
Slippery Elm Health 29-Nov-09
Spaying and Neutering Health 6-May-04
Spaying & Neutering saves lives Health 6-Jul-11
Spring Bulbs = Dangerous Toxins Healath 15-Apr-10
Squirt Bottles, Punishment, and Cat Behavior Behavior 17-Jul-04
Studies Pertaining to Declawing Declawing 2-Mar-11
Switching Foods Nutrition 8-Aug-07
10 Reasons Why Dry Food is Bad for Dogs and Cats Nutrition 25-Mar-12
The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care  Health 7-Jan-11
The “Dangers” of a Raw Diet Nutrition 1-Mar-06
The Importance of the Annual Veterinary Examination Health 8-Feb-07
The Making of a Spirit Essences Remedy: Safe Space for Cats Behavior 1-Mar-06
The Right Weight Loss Program for Cats! Nutrition 11-Apr-06
The Tail Speaks Louder than Words Behavior 1-Nov-04
Top 4 Pet Supplements Nutrition 30-Sep-11
Traveling with Cats Behavior 24-Aug-09
Urinary Tract Disorders in Cats Health 8-Apr-09
Urine Spraying and Territorial Stress Behavior 6-Feb-09
Vaccination Health 28-Oct-09
Vegetarian Cats? Nutrition 23-Feb-10
Water Water Everywhere, but What’s a Cat to Drink? Nutrition 12-Dec-05
West Nile Virus and Cats Health 7-May-04
What you don’t know about (human) food can hurt you! Nutrition 17-Jun-11
Why Cats Need Canned Food Nutrition 7-Sep-06
Why Did My Cat Pee Outside the Litterbox? Behavior 18-Nov-10
Why Fish is Dangerous for Cats Nutrition 14-Jul-08
Your Cat and Your New Baby Behavior 17-Nov-10


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